Why you should move to Linux right now.


I was working with Microsoft operating systems for years, and i loved them. I used most of them from Dos 3.0, windows 3, windows 95,98,2000,xp,7. windows 8 started a new path I didn’t like and i was against, the rapid unnecessary UI changes, and the attempt to force more and more things on the users.

Let me start by describing, what is wrong in windows that should



I Left Microsoft windows OS a decade ago and started using Linux. It was well thought change and i had very good reasons to do it, which i think are relevant to everyone these days.

  • Linux is excellent OS and it is FREE. I’m not sure you can appreciate how good it is but im sure you can appreciate that it cost nothing. and no one will bug you with registrations and keys. You will never have to copy those 15 letters product key again.
  • Windows will be tied to the bones of your computer, if  the computer is distroyed or stolen, windows is gone with is and you will have to pay for it again. Even if you upgrade you Motherboard, windows will require a new copy for the new Motherboard because it will see it as a new computer. Microsoft made this nasty “feature” since windows xp.
  • Linux installation is much faster and smoother than Windows (I Installed both Ubuntu and Mint), and it worked with all the hardware just out of the box. with windows installation i often had problem of recognising
  • Windows DOES NOT USE ALL AVAILABLE RAM MEMORY !!!, i cannot overstate it. Windows is memory hungry, and you pay for expansive and fast Ram memory. when i checked how much memory is available to windows i was astonished to find out that from 4 Gb of Ram, only a bit more than 3Gb is available, and there is no way to use all 4Gb of memory. Why is that ? i couldnt find out.
  • The main obstacle to leave windows was the browser – Internet Explorer.I didnt comply to the standards of web browsing , Microsoft implemented many unique features and any websites were designed to work only with explorer since it dominated the market. All this were gone since people started to do heavy use of  smartphones. apple and google implemented their own web browsers which comply with the standard and today any browser will display correctly all the websites
  • The other main obstacle was Microsoft Office. Apple and Google changed this too by allowing people use their office product through the cloud. The free software community offer Libre Office which is an excellent alternative to Microsoft office. it have a high level of compatibility with Microsoft office and in addition it offers  a lot more. for example the Write (Word replacement) Allow you to export your document to EBook format right out of the box.
  • Wine – Windows compatibility layer


Some of the more problematic sides in moving to linux.

  • Installing Scanner or Printer can be a hassle. Brother usually give you the option to download linux drivers to many of their devices, and i had good success installing Brother’s printers and scanners.
  • If you have different kinds of hardware (for example garmin GPS car devices can be upgraded with Windows software) which need administrating through windows drivers, you may be in problem. some of this issue can be resolved by using Wine which is a Windows compatibility layer that can run most (but not all) windows programs.
  • Games

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